Reduce The Risk Of A Breach – Draft


Your Challenge:
You don’t want your company to be the next headline because of a software security breach you could have prevented. Integrating Veracode into your development process results in more secure software, reducing your risk of a costly breach.

Required Capabilities:
You need a solution that integrates into your SDLC, and provides automated testing so you don’t get in the way of developers, timely access to security experts and a unified platform combining multiple technologies to enable tracking and reporting across the organization.

  • Fast Onboarding Process
  • Find And Fix Flaws Faster
  • Measuring, Refining And Managing Risk
  • We will help you withOur Services

Without Veracode
1. Inability to articulate risk to leadership
2. Loss of revenue, customers and decline in stock prices due to reputational damage
3. Organizational friction and lack of adoption
4. Unplanned work disrupting release cycles as you manage a breach crisis


Knowing there are vulnerabilities in your code is only half the battle. Veracode Application Security Services help ensure that AppSec programs succeed, with expert guidance, faster remediation, technical support and the opportunity to bring more application security knowledge into your own organization.